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Reisser Screws – Large Tubs


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Industrial Tub Size

Same price for each Tub regardless of size, Qty Differs

Slots allow the screw to work close to the edge without splitting.

Screws sit flush and tight without surface damage.


Additional information

Select Screw Size

3.5mm * 16mm, 3.5mm * 30mm, 3.5mm * 40mm, 3.5mm * 50mm, 4.0mm * 16mm, 4.0mm * 20mm, 4.0mm * 25mm, 4.0mm * 30mm, 4.0mm * 40mm, 4.0mm * 50mm, 4.0mm * 70mm, 5.0mm * 100mm, 5.0mm * 120mm, 5.0mm * 25mm, 5.0mm * 40mm, 5.0mm * 80mm


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