Money Back Guarantee

To ensure all our customers have a great experience on the Fast Track Kitchen Supplies website, most purchases are covered under the FTKS Money Back Guarantee.

For all the details of how FTKS Money Back Guarantee works – what’s covered, what’s excluded, and what buyers and sellers need to do – please read our full policy.

FTKS Money Back Guarantee applies when:

The buyer doesn’t receive an item

The item received by the buyer doesn’t match the listing, for example:

The seller sent the wrong item, or

The item arrives faulty


As a buyer, for your transaction to be eligible for FTKS Money Back Guarantee:

You must complete and pay for your purchase on using an eligible payment method at checkout.

You must meet the requirements specified in this policy, including taking action within the required time frames.

The item may not be an excluded item or subject to any additional exclusions; and

You may not seek a resolution for the same issue by another resolution method

As a seller, for transactions where the FTKS Money Back Guarantee applies:

You are responsible for delivering the item that was described in the listing, honouring your stated return policy, and providing a resolution when a buyer reports a problem with an order

If the purchase was completed on, you must meet the requirements specified in this policy, including taking action within the required time frames, even if the item was listed on a different FTKS site.

When the item received by the buyer doesn’t match the listing

Actions and timeframes

Deciding the outcome

Exclusions and special coverage

Sellers are required to deliver the item as it was described in the listing. If the buyer receives the wrong item, or the item arrives broken, damaged, or faulty (and was not clearly described as such), they are entitled to return it for a refund, even if the seller doesn’t offer returns.

Buyers and sellers may agree to another solution, such as a full or partial refund while the buyer keeps the item, or a replacement item instead of a refund.


Both buyers and sellers must meet all applicable return requirements. If an item is being returned, the seller is responsible for return postage.

Proof of delivery for returned items

Returns should be sent with tracked postage that can be independently validated

We require all the following to prove a successful return delivery:

A delivery status of “delivered” or “attempted delivery” (or equivalent in the country to which the item was delivered);

The date of delivery or attempted delivery.

The recipient’s address, showing at least the city/county or postcode (or international equivalent) that matches the seller’s specified return address; and

Signature confirmation, on items with a total cost of 450 or more. Learn more about our signature confirmation requirements

If the party responsible for return postage does not use a tracked service that meets these requirements, a case may be decided against them if the returned item doesn’t arrive.

Refunds and billing for return postage costs.

If the buyer is responsible for return postage, the return postage cost won’t be included in the refund.


If the seller is responsible for return postage:

Return postage costs will be charged to the seller separately if:

The seller authorised the buyer to use an FTKS return label, or

FTKS provided a return label to the buyer on the seller’s behalf

If the seller sends funds to the buyer to pay for return postage, the seller will not be refunded the amount by FTKS even if the buyer chooses to not return the item.

Refunds, payment holds, and reimbursements

Refunds to buyers

For most purchases, buyers are refunded to their original payment method.


If we’re unable to send refunds to the buyer’s original payment method, we may provide refunds by another method such as PayPal, or by coupons or vouchers redeemable for purchases on

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